Fried Garlic Granules and fried garlic flakes

Now following the new crop garlic was harvested from June, the productions of the new crop fried garlic products also has already been started. The brief procedure of the fried garlic granules is below for your reference. Firstly, we peeled the fresh garlic as garlic

The Best Place to Buy Bulk Spice and Dehydrated Vegetable Online

The best place to buy bulk spice and dehydrated vegetable online is WWW.SSSGARLIC.COM In this website, you can find main products of Chinese Dehydrated vegetable and Spice.Besides Chinese star anise seeds and cinnanmon, you also can find other dehydrated vegetables,Like dehydrated garlic minced/garlic granules/garlic powder/garlic

New Crop Dehydrated Carrot granules/Flakes will be harvested

After suffered the very shortage of the carrot materials and price jumping in first half of year,The new crop dehydrated carrot will be harvested too from September, and the market price wouldBe dropped accordingly from October when new crop products available. In first half of

Information about Shanghai SINOSPICES

Since July 1st, the Shanghai SINOSPICES has been registered in MADE-IN-CHINA, one of the biggest B2B platform in China. We have a show room and booth in there, displaying the various products. Welcome to login the and search our company.  

Single Black Garlic And Multiple Black Garlic

Regarding black garlic, there are usually two types, one is a multi-lilac type, and the other is a single-lilac type. All our black garlic products have been fermented for 120 days. After a long period of fermentation, the taste will be sweeter and more fragrant.

The Difference Between Paprika, Chilli And Bell Pepper

Paprika has the big and long pod with dark red color, its taste is sweet or weak hot, mainly used in food ingredient for the color adjustment. For colors of some beverage like Coca-Cola and Sprite etc. The color is come from paprika. It’s called

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