How to eat and use the dehydrated garlic flakes

Eat it raw: Dehydrated garlic slices must be eaten raw, heating cooked will lose a lot of nutrients, but also to cut the raw garlic into thin slices, placed 15 minutes later to eat, at this time garlic and the oxygen in the air fully

The detail procedure of making the dehydrated garlic flakes

Material selection: Use white color, garlic cloves large and neat white garlic varieties, from which the choice of plump and full, complete garlic cloves, no insect injury, no mildew garlic. 2. pretreatment: Remove the silt and debris attached to the garlic, subtracting the roots, break

Black garlic is made by the fermenting fresh garlic with the skins

Black garlic is made by the fermenting fresh garlic with the skins. We all know that garlic has very good health effects, the black garlic is just made from garlic. And after fermented, its health benefits are stronger than garlic. For example, it’s 39 times

Now SINOSPICES have capacity to supply black garlic!

Now for the fermented black garlic, we have two types: multi-cloves and single clove. All the products were went through the 120days’ fermentation, by this way, the black garlic meats will be more soft and sweet. But for someone, due to the technology different and

Good News! The new crop black garlic now is available for supply!

2021 crop black garlic has been avaialble for supply from now. the black garlic have two types, one is the multi-cloves type, another one is single/solo clove type. All our black garlic products were went through 120days’ fermention, its taste is more sweet more nice an

The new crop of garlic in 2021 has begun to be harvested!

The 2021 new crop garlic have been starting to harvested from now. As supposed, the output of 2021 crop garlic will be as much as 2019 crop’s, but less than 2020 crop’s, abt.10%, but this crop still belongs to the common harvest. So, the price

Garlic stem will be harvested from mid-May in 2021!

The 2021 new crop garlic stem has already been harvested. The price is about usd0.5/kg, similar to before crops. Normally one unit of area can produce about 1.5mts. After garlic stem harvested, usually after 15days, the new crop garlic will be harvested widely.

Garlic will be harvested from mid-May in 2021!

The 2021 new crop garlic will be harvested from middle May! Now, some early-matured crops have been harvested, but these fresh garlic mainly is for the domestic market and pickling purpose. The yield of the 2021 crop garlic is supposed to be over 5,000,000mts! It

The exhibition of FIA

The exhibition of FIA (Food Ingredients Aisa-China) will be held in Shanghai China on Jun. 23th ~ 25th, 2021. As the only offline exhibition held by FI Global 2020, China exhibition in 2020 still welcomed 52624 visitors; 83.73% of exhibitors in 2020 said they were

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