Fried Garlic Granules and fried garlic flakes

Fried Garlic Granules and fried garlic flakes

Now following the new crop garlic was harvested from June, the productions of the new crop fried garlic products also has already been started.

The brief procedure of the fried garlic granules is below for your reference. Firstly, we peeled the fresh garlic as garlic cloves one by one, then diced and mashed that. After that, we will put abt. 10~15% starch to cover the garlic dices, which may make the dices isolated one by one. Boiling the palm oil in box, then put the garlic dices with starch into the oil, frying 2-3 minutes, turning back re-frying 2-3minutes, monitoring the color. If color become dark yellow, that would be ok to pull out. Putting the frying garlic dices into the sieves to become cold. Later put these cold fried garlic dices into the sieves machine to sift the big, trying to make them conformable. Finally we will packing that as per buyer’ requirements. That is all about the fried garlic dices, same produces to fried garlic flakes.

Fried garlic granules/flakes are wide used in the food, like noodle, salad, and other snack foods as the accessory food materials, very delicious.

Fried garlic granules are enjoying the fast sale in east-south Asian market and American market.

The people there always like to eat that.

Welcome you to enquire our fried granules and fried flakes products.

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