New Crop Dehydrated Carrot granules/Flakes will be harvested

New Crop Dehydrated Carrot granules/Flakes will be harvested

After suffered the very shortage of the carrot materials and price jumping in first half of year,The new crop dehydrated carrot will be harvested too from September, and the market price wouldBe dropped accordingly from October when new crop products available.

In first half of year, from March to June, the carrot market became crazy high due to very shortage of the raw materials. The price even grew up over 30% higher at that time, we never saw this status in past. You know, the carrot usually is a very common products, every crop, it has some small fluctuation like 5% more or less. But in this half of year, it’s over 30%!

It’ lucky that, following the new crop carrot will be harvested, the present market also become a dull, also because time now is just in the Summer holiday, so, demands become also less, and price also become the reasonable too. Sure when new crop carrot harvested, the price of dehydrated carrot would come back as usual.

Chinese Dehydrated carrot mainly is exported to European, USA and Asian markets. It’s widely used in food products as a food ingredient. Now we can supply dehydrated carrot flakes, carrot granules, carrot string, carrot powder and Puffed Dried carrot and so on.

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