The present market status of dehydrated carrot and dehydrated onion

The present market status of dehydrated carrot and dehydrated onion

Following the time entering into the November, the market each show different status, like dehydrated carrot and onion markets.


This crop the materials of carrot was harvested very bad, which create the fresh materials for the dehydrated purpose are very short. So, the dehydrated carrot markets have been growing up again.

Till now, the price of dehydrated carrot like carrot granules and carrot string all have been growing up abt. 20% higher, and still show firm now. And November is the national most prosperous season, the demands is very huge, so personally think the price should not have chance to drop in short while.

Contrarily, for the dehydrated onion market, because of the good or common harvest, the market show stable and slight weak, the price can be negotiated. Last year, because of the Indian onion faced the bad harvest, which created Chinse onion growing up. But this crop the condition is different, then the market show weak and dull, the price also show sight dropped.


Anyway, whatever dehydrated carrot and dehydrated onion, if market growing up, we will also lift up the price and sell at the high price. If the market dropped, we will also sell that by the low price. All will just follow up the market status.


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