The effects of dehydrated vegetable restricted by Electricity Powder from the Government.

The effects of dehydrated vegetable restricted by Electricity Powder from the Government.

Maybe you should knew that, since middle of September, some places have already restricted the usage of the electric power, and now almost all over the China have such regulation. Actually It’s incredible in China! But following the information got further, we know the reasons, and understood why the government restrict the electric powder now, and support more and more.


At first, now all of the China electric power or energy, abt.70%-80% come from the coal. And this crop the market of coal has already growing up abt. 3-4times, but the price to factory resident, still remain unchanged. That mean the country is losing to supply us. Also, because of the environment protection, we also have to control the usage of coal, then we have to decrease the usage of the electric power….

Above would be the main reasons of the restriction for electric power now. And for the effects to the factory, that do have any negatives. Firstly some places, the government asked factory only produce 3-4days every 1 weeks. And some places government asked factory stopped production within 10days… which these do create any trouble to factory, since they committed too heavy in this prosperous season. But no ways, they had to inform buyer for understanding and delayed the shipment accordingly….


Just for our factory, they had to delay the lead time for each order, the products including dehydrated garlic, dehydrated carrot, dehydrated onion, dehydrated paprika, dehydrated cabbage and dehydrated chive and so on.


Based on this, we hope all of our customers may understand our position and support the national’s regulation, since this will affect our next generation, we have to give our child a blue sky.

Thanks for customers’ usual supports.

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